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LIVE - 19 Dec 2014

December 19, 2014, 3:53 pm by: Odin

As we planned, L2PoW will go LIVE today at 6:00 pm gmt+1
We have DDoS protected hosting but, if the site will be attacked so you can not reach it, we will be on FB at all times : https://www.facebook.com/L2PreyOfWar

Lets wait for it and have a good opening!

Clan event!

December 19, 2014, 3:04 pm by: Joe

Hello dear players of Lineage 2.
Since i have been asked to make a clan event and is a trend on Lineage 2 Private Servers i decided to do it also on L2Pow.

So, for all clans that in the first two days we will reward clans with 10 unique players and actives when you request the reward with:

*Clan Level 5

Also after one week of server if 10 unique players reached 85 and the first condition was reached in two days, the clan will get:

*10.000 CRP
And for each additional active member level 85 you get 1000 more CRP.

!! About Advertising !!

December 17, 2014, 11:43 am by: Odin

Any type of promoting our server that is abusive, unfair or is harming any other projects is not supported by our staff and is one of the highest bannable offences.
To avoid unclear situations i will briefly mention the most know ways of dirty promoting:
- advertising on public chats of another running server or it's forum/web regardless if is a beta or a live, and regardless the chronicle or rates, is bannable offence.
- advertising on any other server's topics on game related forums, is a bannable offence.

The advertising solutions that we encourage are:
- spreading the word to your contacts (Skype, Twitter, FB, etc) about L2PoW.
- making topics about our server in gaming related forums, but ONLY if there is not an existing topic made already. In that case, just supporting that topic is enough.
- when we will come in voting sites, supporting our comments topic there is also welcomed.
- following us on FB (for now, more will come) and being active on our posts.

To the admins and in fact the entire communities that were abused by our supporters, i just wanna let you know guys that i am deeply sorry.
It is my fault, and this is because i did not made this public statement before, and as i could see in the last year or 2... fair-play and respect in the L2 community was something long time forgotten.
I believe in this stuff, and i believe in a community of L2 private server admins where we work together and help each-other and where we do things 75% for the players and a well done job and only 25% for the money.

So if any of ''my'' community members want to be a part of L2PoW, STOP DIRTY ADVERTISING.
I wont act for actions that happened before my statement, since lets assume no one knew my position, but from today on, even if you are a clan leader of a 10 party clan, i do not want you in my community if you abuse other communities by dirty advertising.

Regards, Odin